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Students’ Rights

Legal Defense of Students’ Rights

Unfortunately, there are times when students need legal representation. Whether it is an ungrounded expulsion of a college student or a high school’s failure to follow a special education plan, The Bach Law Firm, LLC, has experience with student rights cases. Oftentimes, these cases are civil right’s issues with two sets of victims- the parent and the student.

Defense of College Student Rights

Although a students’ rights case may be for a violation in the admissions process, most often it is an expulsion or threat of expulsion that generates a civil rights law suit. In the competitive world of higher education, every student’s worst nightmare may be getting kicked out of school. When an expulsion is unfair, ungrounded or illegal, the parents often join in the fight to have an expulsion reversed. An expulsion is damaging. Loss of future salary, reputation, loss of class time, tuition, and the time and effort to fight the expulsion are all real damages.

Universities have rules, but often they do not follow their own rules, or they are followed unequally. is an attorney who successfully handled a number of student’s rights cases on behalf of students who were expelled from a university or college.

Our law firm’s cases include:

  • Representation of a dental student expelled after having an argument with a professor
  • Representation of a student plaintiff charging UNLV with false arrest
  • Representation of a UNLV student facing disciplinary actions for refusing to open a classmate’s dorm room door
  • Representation of students expelled for drug violations

Defense of K-12 Student Rights

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we act as plaintiff attorney for high school, middle school and elementary school students in Clark County schools and other schools in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area. Our lawyers understand that if a parent has reached the point of litigation on behalf of their child, that the student is probably in an emotional vulnerable state. We work to resolve issues quickly and to the parent and student’s satisfaction.

Civil rights violations at the K-12 level are frequently for inaction, rather than action. We represent parents and students for situations including:

  • Failure to adhere to federal law
  • Failure to follow a Special Education plan
  • Failure to stop bullying behavior
  • Reverse a suspension or other disciplinary actions
  • Reinstall a student or overturn a suspension for dress code violations
  • Corporal punishment issues

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