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Civil Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that takes place outside the courtroom. Mediation is led by a neutral third party, or mediator. The mediator does not decide the outcome of a case but, instead, helps parties come together to resolve conflict or reduce its scope.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we are lawyers who are adept at resolving disputes with ADR when it serves our clients’ best interests. While we excel at trial, we know that most disputes settle before opening arguments. Exploring mediation and other options for ADR early in the process can often help parties minimize stress, expense and uncertainty.

Why Work With Trial Attorneys At Mediation?

In our decades of experience representing individuals and businesses in court, we have earned a reputation among our peers, the courts and opposing counsel for being prepared, aggressive litigators. This means that opponents take our clients seriously at the bargaining table.

We have a strong record of success securing favorable results for clients through mediation, but we are always prepared to represent their interests at trial in the event that ADR does not yield an acceptable result.

We are attorneys who can assist with the mediation of cases involving:

  • Business disputes
  • Students’ rights and education law
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment issues
  • Transportation law
  • Real estate and property

Contact Us For Strategic Support At Mediation

To learn more about how we can help resolve legal disputes through mediation or other forms of ADR, please contact us to arrange a consultation. You may call our Las Vegas office at 702-925-8787 or send an email and expect a prompt response from our team.