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Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

When trusted financial advisors, board members and corporate officers fail to fulfill their fiduciary duties or engage in self-dealing, large sums of money are at stake. At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we provide aggressive representation to individuals and businesses during litigation involving the breach of fiduciary duties.

Located in Las Vegas, The Bach Law Firm, LLC, helps individuals and businesses throughout Nevada protect their financial interests during complex business litigation.

Aggressive representation for all of your legal needs.

Breaching The Duty Of Loyalty And Care

Many business positions involve fiduciary relationships. Fiduciaries are individuals who are legally required to act in the best interests of another. For example, a corporate officer or director owes fiduciary duties to shareholders, brokers owe fiduciary duties to investors and partners owe these duties to each other.

The two most important duties owed by fiduciaries are the duty of care and the duty of loyalty. The duty of care requires the fiduciary to act as a prudent person exercising good business judgment. The duty of loyalty requires fiduciaries to refrain from any competition, self dealing or other behavior that could negatively impact the business.

When a fiduciary relationship exists, the fiduciary must act within strict legal parameters. If a fiduciary acts outside the bounds of these parameters, a breach has occurred. Common breaches include:

  • Self-dealing
  • Churning
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Competition
  • Ethical violations
  • Abuse of position
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation
  • Negligence

Aggressive Representation In The Courtroom

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants during litigation involving alleged breaches of fiduciary duties.

We prepare every case for trial. Our attorneys have a reputation for being fierce courtroom advocates. Because opposing counsel know we are ready to go to trial at a moment’s notice, they often come to the bargaining table with large settlement offers that make the time and costs of a courtroom fight unnecessary.

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At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers provide clients with big firm knowledge and skills in a boutique firm setting. Instead of being passed off to less experienced junior associates, every client has our best and brightest legal minds working on his or her case.

If you have been accused of breaching your fiduciary duties, or you have been damaged by another’s breach, we can help. Contact our Las Vegas breach of fiduciary duty attorneys at 702-925-8787.