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Civil Litigation & Appeals

Nevada Trial Lawyer for Businesses and Individuals

If you have a contract dispute, are a fraud victim, or feel like your civil liberties have been violated, you need an experienced litigation lawyer who can protect your best interests.

Breach of Contract Attorneys

One of the most common reasons for civil litigation is when a contract is not honored. For example, if you bought a business based on a seller’s financial sales report, and your sales are significantly short, you may choose to sue the seller for misrepresentation of the business’ value. Or, if you sold a business and the buyer mismanages your former business to the extent that they cannot make payments, that may be a reason to litigate.

The Bach Law Firm, LLC, based in Las Vegas, represents either the buyer or the seller in breach of contract litigation. We have successfully handled complex cases and would be happy to speak with you about your circumstances.

Fraud Litigation

For people who live out of state, or out of the country, our law firm acts as a local representative to take action for asset recovery and damages due to fraud. We represent foreign investors and individuals overseas who have been defrauded in some manner, including:

  • Business fraud – Misrepresenting the value of a business, failure to deliver goods or services, failure to meet a deadline
  • Consumer fraud – A service company, such as a long distance mover, may change rates mid-move and hold your goods hostage
  • Casino fraud – A casino may lure a gambler to Las Vegas with promises and not deliver on those promises
  • Personal fraud – A scam artist may claim to be a construction contractor or builder and lure foreign investors into investing in a condominium project that never gets built

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