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Collections Disputes

The Bach Law Firm, LLC: aggressive attorneys dedicated to protecting your financial interests in court.

Located in Las Vegas, our attorneys help individuals and businesses throughout Nevada protect their financial interests, enforce payment of debts, and stop unscrupulous and wrongful debt collection practices.

Facilitating Collection, Enforcing Judgments

When individuals and businesses fail to pay monies owed, financial strain can result. At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys help individuals and businesses enforce their right to payment and protect their financial interests. Our attorneys assist during every stage of the collection process. We draft demand letters, negotiate settlements and payment plans, and pursue financial compensation in state and federal courts. We also enforce court judgments through wage garnishments, bank levies and contempt actions.

Our attorneys also represent individuals and businesses that are being wrongfully pursued for debts they do not owe. When billing mistakes and order mix-ups occur, your business is at risk of garnishments, levies and repossessions.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we fight improper debt collections actions in court, clear our clients of wrongfully applied debt and protect their financial interests.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, our firm is devoted to litigation. Our attorneys are experienced, savvy courtroom advocates. We know what it takes to protect our clients’ interests in court, and we use every tool available to get clients the results they want.

Fair Debt Collections Act

The Fair Debt Collections Act protects consumers and businesses from unethical and unscrupulous debt collections activities. If you are the victim of creditor harassment, we can help. Our attorneys fight improper collections activities in court and hold collections agencies liable for their illegal behavior.

Protect Your Financial Interests, Call The Bach Law Firm, LLC

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we provide clients with big firm experience in a small firm setting. Unlike larger law firms, where cases are passed down to junior associates, every client at The Bach Law Firm, LLC, has our best, most experienced legal minds working directly on his or her case. Contact our law firm today at 702-925-8787 to schedule a case evaluation with one of our experienced Las Vegas collections dispute lawyers.