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First steps after your child faces expulsion

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Students' Rights

Expulsion is a scary prospect for any parent. Figuring out what to do next might seem impossible, but you have options.

If your child faces expulsion, there are steps you can take to minimize the impact and perhaps keep them in school. See below for a brief outline of your plan of action.

Read the state and school rules

Consult Nevada’s disciplinary handbook. Having a good idea about what the state can do is a powerful tool, and you might realize the school has not followed the procedure. Additionally, you should read the student handbook. Either download one from your school’s website or request one.

Attend the disciplinary meeting

The school will most likely contact you and request a meeting to explain their reasons for expulsion. At this point, they most likely did not make an official decision. Make sure you attend the conference and remain calm. Ask questions and take notes on any crucial details or dates. Your questions might include what your child did, how it meets expulsion standards and how they know your child committed the act.

Schools rely on expulsion as a last resort. However, specific actions by your child might count as grounds for immediate removal. According to the Nevada School Discipline Laws and Regulations, students found possessing a firearm are subject to one year of expulsion from school. However, you do have alternative education options. Consult with the school and the Nevada education board to learn your options.

Children make mistakes, some more serious than others. The threat of expulsion is a significant setback, but it does not have to mean your child will never recover.