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Divorce & Division of Assets

Skilled Nevada Divorce Attorney

Family law matters, such as divorce, are emotional and difficult to get through. Questions and concerns about the custody of your children and money are highly sensitive and can be legally complex. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. If your spouse wants a divorce, you can’t stop it. Nevada also is a no-fault community property state. Your marital assets will be divided equitably, and this too will take place either with your input and help, or against your wishes.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys approach divorce a little differently than the traditional family law attorney. Most attorneys’ approach to divorce is to settle the disagreements through negotiation rather than take them to court. We understand that settling your familial disagreements without court involvement is usually the best way to get through these hard times. However, because we are trial lawyers, we tend to prepare for a trial even while we negotiate a settlement or agreement. This gives us an advantage because, in most cases, we are more prepared then the other side. We know all of the facts the case in detail and are able to negotiate a more favorable outcome for our clients. We have experience with complex litigation and believe that the key to success in court is diligent preparation for any possibility.

We follow our client’s wishes. If you want the matter over quickly – we’ll work toward that end. If you want to protect a particular asset, no matter what – we’ll work towards that result. We offer legal advice, but the decision on a course of action is always yours.

Complex Property Division? We Can Help

In some divorces the property can be listed on a simple spread sheet and divided easily. Assets and debts are divided down the middle, and the parties are able to walk away. In other instances, it is more complicated. Our litigation experience has led us to take a very detail-oriented approach to the division of property.

We have access to forensic accountants who will offer expert testimony regarding the status of your or your spouse’s assets. If you and your spouse own a business together, or real estate, we will have your business or property valued. In instances where a piece of property cannot be divided, such as your car, we can help you find an agreeable solution. From retirement funds, to credit card debt, we have experience with divorce and the division of property.

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