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Child Custody/Support

Attorney for Child Custody and Child Support Issues

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, located in Las Vegas, our lawyers help divorcing couples reach a child custody, visitation and child support agreements. However, when the other party is being unreasonable and agreements cannot be made regarding your children, we are ready and experience to fight for your rights and what is in your children’s best interests in a court of law.

Types of Custody

In Nevada, there are two types of child custody:

  • Legal custody – Making major decisions, relating to religious upbringing, schooling and medical care.
  • Physical custody – The location where the child eats, sleeps and lives

Typically the parents share legal custody and one parent is granted primary physical custody. The non-custodial parent has parenting time, or visitation.

Determining Child Support

Child support is calculated according to a formula that looks at the income of both parents. The number of overnight visits to the non-custodial parent will affect the child support payment formula. Other child support issues to consider are:

  • Insurance – Who covers the children, pays the co-pay, covers prescriptions, glasses and braces?
  • Extracurricular activities – Who pays for dance class, soccer lessons and football uniforms?
  • Tax issues – Who claims the children as a dependant and who gets to use the tax credits?

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