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Casino Markers/Bad Checks

Casino Markers Causing Problems? We Can Help

If you owe a casino marker and do not pay it, it is a crime – just like writing a bad check. The district attorney acts like the casino’s collection agency and will issue a warrant for your arrest.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, in Las Vegas, we are very familiar with casino operations. An unpaid casino marker is like a bad check and can result in both a criminal charge and a civil law suit from the casino. These cases move quickly, so please do not delay in contacting an attorney.

How The Casino Marker Criminal Process Works

Because the DA’s office and the casinos work together regularly on these cases, the process is smooth and efficient from their end. Our attorneys have seen individuals try to handle this matter on their own, with unsuccessful results. The process is swift and it looks like this:

  • The casino will send you a written notice requesting repayment of the marker
  • The DA will send you a letter and you have days to respond
  • If you do not respond, a warrant is issued for your arrest
  • The police will arrest you for the casino marker
  • If you travel overseas, you will be stopped at immigration, taken into custody and extradited to Nevada

Do not ignore communication from the casino or the DA’s office regarding your casino marker. This is serious business and they can, and do, make arrests every day for outstanding casino markers.

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