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Las Vegas Litigation Attorneys

The Bach Law Firm, LLC: aggressive representation for all of your legal needs.

The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we are a litigation firm. Our practice is focused 100 percent on protecting our clients’ rights in court and helping clients overcome their most complex legal disputes.

Based in Law Vegas, our attorneys represent individuals and small businesses throughout Nevada and the United States during complex litigation and appeals.

You Can Count On Us In The Courtroom

Over the years, our firm has built a reputation for being serious litigators. We aren’t afraid of the courtroom, and we aren’t afraid to go head-to-head with large corporations and casinos to protect our clients’ rights.

At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, we use every legal tool at our disposal to find economical, efficient solutions to our clients’ legal disputes. Our reputations as aggressive litigators serve our clients well at the bargaining table. Because local prosecutors and attorneys know we will aggressively pursue our clients’ rights in court, they often agree to beneficial plea deals and settlement agreements that make the time and cost of litigation unnecessary. However, when it is in our clients’ best interests, we will take their cases to court.

Our lawyers have successfully represented the needs of individuals and corporations during a wide variety of legal disputes, including:

Our firm also acts as local co-counsel to individuals and businesses throughout the United States and the globe who are engaged in Nevada litigation.

Representation In Federal Court

Federal court is a different beast. The rules, timelines and procedures used vary greatly from those in state court. When involved in federal court litigation, it is important to consult with experienced litigators who are familiar with the nuances of the federal court system. At The Bach Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys are licensed in both state and federal courts. We know how to prepare cases for federal litigation and have what it takes to be successful in federal court.

For assistance during state and federal litigation and appeals, contact the Las Vegas litigation attorneys of The Bach Law Firm, LLC, at 702-925-8787.

*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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